Organifi: Balance sachet 3g
Organifi: Balance sachet 3g

Organifi: Balance sachet 3g

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Organifi Balance is a Prebiotic and Probiotic Supplement that is Organic, Vegan, No Gluten, Dairy, or Soy. For Immune Support, Gut Health, and Nutrient Absorption.

  • 20 BILLION ULTRA-RESILIENT CFUs: We guarantee at least 20 billion living CFUs “at the time of consumption” for 18 months that spring to life the moment they hit your stomach, while most other probiotics only promise this amount of CFUs at the time of manufacture.
  • SUPPORTS GUT HEALTH: Organifi Balance helps with relief from gassiness, bloating and irregularity as well as absorption of vitamins and minerals by your digestive system.
  • TAKE YOUR GUT HEALTH ON THE GO: Each serving is conveniently portable and individually sealed to ensure that the high-quality strains are preserved, and will become active as soon as they reach your gut, for optimum support for your immune system.