Soulful Tea Blends Energize Tea 30g

Soulful Tea Blends Energize Tea 30g

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+ A blend of 5 powerful plants & adaptogens

+ Mood booster & clear focus

+ Relieves anxiety & tension

+ Brain booster

+ Certified organic 

Easy to prepare and enjoy hot or cold

Ingredients + Tulsi, lemon balm, ginkgo leaf, rose petals, sunflower petals

Tulsi + This herb is also considered an adaptogen, that is used to support the body from anxiety and stress, by promoting a deeper level of calmness overall. Tulsi also can help support mild depression, and over time can help the body adapt to stress. 

Lemon balm + A cooling herb that supports the nervous system, improving mood and cognitive function. It also supports sleep and can help with digestive issues, cramps, and gastric ulcers.

Ginko leaf + Ginko increases peripheral blood flow to the brain, promoting healthy circulation; aids in heart health and blood vessel health. Support stress and cognitive function. 

Rose petals + Rose helps to ease menstrual cramps and uterine congestion and is also a potent source of vitamin C, vitamin A, minerals, and antioxidants. Rose also has a mild sedative effect, making it a wonderful tea to have as part of your bedtime routine.

Brewing Suggestion:

Add 1.5 tsp to 1 cup of hot water, & let steep for 6-8 minutes. 

Hot water temperature: 208-212 degrees.

You can enjoy 1-3 cups daily.