Flow Water - Original

Flow Water - Original

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Ingredients: Natural Spring Water. 

The Source:
A family-owned artesian spring in Bruce County, Ontario, Canada.

Pure Properties:
Their water travels through subsurfaces as it migrates to a limestone aquifer where it’s kept. Impurities exit along the way and nutritious minerals move in, making for great tasting and healthful water.

Positive Renewal:

Self-sustaining, self-replenishing by rain, their source will always be protected and never drained. Water from deep within the spring is minimally treated for bacteria. No additives. No disruption. 100% highest and kindest quality possible.

Flow Features:
  • Healthy minerals for hydration and taste.
  • Electrolytes electrify athletic recovery.
  • An alkaline pH of 8.1 keeps acid levels in line.
  • Super taste to supercharge ya.
What makes Flow water alkaline?
Limestone bedrock adds calcium carbonate to our water. An ion that acts as a buffer against acidic impacts.