Pascoe: Tonsillopas 50ml

Pascoe: Tonsillopas 50ml

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Tonsillopas from Pascoe is a homeopathic remedy for tonsillitis and for relieving the symptoms of gingivitis such as swollen, bleeding or red gums and sore mouth. Tonsillopas can be used by anyone with sore throat, whether or not they still have tonsils. It acts quickly, usually within 24-28 hours and is safe for all ages.

Medicinal Ingredients:

1g (34 drops) contains:

  • Hydrargyrum bicyanatum (Mercurius cyanatus) 8X 0.4g                                
  • Apisinum 6X 0.2 g                         
  • Ammonium bromatum (Ammonium bromide) 4X 0.1g                                   
  • Kalium bichromicum (Potassium bichromate) 4X 0.1g                              
  • Kalium chloratum (Potassium chloride) 2X 0.1g                                 
  • Baptisia tinctoria (Baptisia) 1X 0.1 g

Non-medicinal Ingredients:

Purified water, alcohol.               

Contains 25% (V/V) alcohol.


Adults, children ≥ 12 years: 10-15 drops hourly undiluted, maximum 6 times daily. Children (ages 6-11): 7-10 drops undiluted every hour up to 6 times daily. Children (ages 1-5): 5-7 drops undiluted every hour up to 6 times daily. Infants (0-11 months): After consulting a health care practitioner, no more than 3-5 drops undiluted every hour up to 6 times daily. Directions for Use: In acute conditions, it is recommended to keep the undiluted drops in the mouth for a little while because absorption via the oral mucosa intensifies the remedy‘s onset of action.


Do not use if you are hypersensitive to bee venom, mercury, chromium. TONSILLOPAS® has a very rapid onset of action: If taken as directed, this remedy typically produces appreciable improvement within the first 24 hours. If symptoms fail to resolve within one week, a health care practitioner should be consulted.

Consult a health care practitioner if you have fever that persists more than three days or is higher than 39°C. Consult a health care practitioner prior to use if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.