Resurrections by Danielle Campo McLeod

Resurrections by Danielle Campo McLeod

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Resurrections is the memoir of decorated Canadian Paralympic swimmer Danielle Campo McLeod's incredible journey.

From overcoming the crippling effects of muscular dystrophy to international success in the pool and a life-threatening medical condition following childbirth, Danielle’s road to wellness is a story of faith, love, courage, survival and triumph. The memoir is her roadmap to wellness, still ongoing, and the role that becoming "Olympian strong" played in her survival.

It is at turns raw and real, instructive, wise and funny. From her first gold medal to meeting the Queen, and a life's-most-embarrassing moment in a truck stop. A testament to the power of family and one woman's unwillingness to say goodbye, Resurrections is Danielle's love letter to the community that rallied around her in her most desperate hour.

If your faith in the power of the human spirit is waning, Resurrections will restore it.